Minecraft servers


Minecraft servers

Minecraft is a popular survival game that millions of gamers around the world have enjoyed. You will need to create your own Minecraft server in order to play with your friends, unlike multiplayer games. It can be costly to have a server running 24 hours a day, in addition to the high price of the game.

Do you really need to spend a lot of money to play Minecraft with your friends? Not at all. Websites like Minehut or Aternos make it easy to create your own Minecraft server for free, and there are no hidden fees.

Minecraft Server Hosting Free with Minehut

Go to minehut.com, and click on the Sign up in seconds button. Next, enter your name. To complete account registration, click on Sign Up. Verify your email address, and Minehut will log you in to your account.

Click on the Add Server button in the account dashboard. Type the server name and hit Create. To activate your Minecraft server, click the Activate Server button.

Minehut will ask for you to wait for 30 second while it prepares your server. When the prompt for DDOS-protected server transfers appears, click on the Continue button.

You can access the server dashboard to manage your current game world and make backups.

Scroll down to access the server properties and change the “Message of The Day” server.

The free server plan lets you join up to 10 players. You can also create as many as two servers using a free account. Minehut supports cross-platform play. Java and Bedrock Edition players are allowed to join your server.

How to join a Minehut Server

Minecraft Java players can directly join the server by adding the server address to the game (servername.minehut.gg).

For Pocket Edition or Bedrock players, however, there is an additional step required to join the server. To join the bedrock.minehut.com servers on port 19132, first you will need to log in. Then in the chat, type “/join servername.minehut.gg” to access the server. You'll automatically be teleported to the particular world if the server is online.

For example, if your Minehut server address is “random.minehut.gg”, you'll first join “bedrock.minehut.com”, then type “/join random.minehut.gg” in chat to join the server.