Ever Been In A Situation Like This?

A friend made his first server and hired me to be on the build team. I’m not as amazing as some people, but I can hold my own pretty well. When I load in, it’s the most garish thing I’ve ever seen: an entire city made of nothing but gold. I tried suggesting some accents or give design critique. He wants an opulent city for people to spawn in and be amazed. I tried to help but I was getting bored too quickly, so I requested permission to do my own thing.

I move far away from that city, and start building a pirate’s cove. I built a pirate ship, a lighthouse, a gallows, a rope bridge, some shops and embedded homes in the cliffs, a huge dock…all block-by-block and no patterns/tutorials. I worked hard on this stuff.

Suddenly, someone decides to “help” and build cannons on my ship when I had no intention of it functioning. Another person spawns about 20 testificates on it. Another revamped my gallows. Another got a friend to come on and built about 2 more houses and branched off paths far away from the cove. All without asking.

The only person that knew about this was the server owner (and his wife). I understand it is HIS server, but really? Just letting anyone build and “fix” my shit when I requested to do my own thing away from people?

It’s not just that either. One of the other members has a Bad skin, another follows me and drops hundreds of exp potions on my head when I’m trying to work, another just builds TNT cannons…there’s absolutely no professionalism. I doubt this server will ever go public, which makes me regret all the work I put into my ship.