Craftyn Server


Craftyn Server

We are a city/nation RP server in which after you get enough money and fill out an application, you can start a settlement. After reaching a certain amount of residents, your town will rank up. Think your town is better than another town? How about you declare war on them and fight it out?

The server's currency is called Mirs and you can make money by selling items and things in the flea markets or to all the vendors. Spawn is now called Mirabil and it's got a MAJOR overhaul!!! Come visit us and see what it's all about! (I'll put up pictures later).

Craftyn Towny 1.1 is now all about the towns!

We also have an automated in game buying packages system. This means if you do the “/buy” command in game you will be presented with a list of packages you can buy (with real money). This includes VIP packages, Platinum packages, 5000 in game money, Chain-mail armor, and a full suite of diamond stuff. Just do the “/buy” command in game to see!

Slot Size: 95

Type: Economy Minecraft Servers, Other Minecraft Servers, PVP Minecraft Servers, Role Play Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers