Best Minecraft servers


Best Minecraft servers

Minecraft's sandbox nature allows for endless adventures. In survival mode you can hunt and kill creatures, while creative mode allows you to create a whole world. Minecraft isn't just a single activity. Thanks to Minecraft servers, you can join others online across the globe, experiencing worlds crafted to mimic famous fantasy landscapes or games of the past. Check out our guide to Minecraft multiplayer to learn how to connect before you explore our list.

Minecraft Middle Earth

Are you ready for a deep dive into Tolkien's world? Minecraft Middle Earth was established in October 2010. It covers 335-miles of land, which gives you an enormous virtual world to explore. Many iconic locations have been built by the Middle Earth community, including Isengard and Moria, Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith. You can either join the hobbit community and explore the land, or you can contribute to building. You can join the Discord to meet new friends.


Hypixel is a great place to go if you are looking for some fun. You can play a variety of multiplayer missions in this mini-game-based world. Best of all, it is free. Jump into UHC Champions, which is a survival-oriented game, or Turbo Kart Racers that's a racing game in which you compete against 11 other players. The leaderboards highlight the top players in each game, and anyone who wants to support the server can purchase sweet merchandise from the official website shop.

Grandtheft Minecraft

Do you want to go back to the world of high-stakes criminality? Grandtheft Minecraft is the right place for you. This map will take you to regions like MineSantos and Sanktburg. The server has over 35 custom weapons. These range from shotguns and snipers to all your favorite Grand Theft Auto weapons. Grandtheft Minecraft is a game where you aim to be the richest criminal. You can also form gangs to build your squad. This server is updated frequently to keep it interesting.

Pixelmon Craft

It's the Minecraft world of Pokemon. Pixelmon Craft is a place where you can meet other Pokemon friends around the world. You'll be able to explore different regions based upon the franchise. You will find that animals on this server have been replaced by various Pokemon. The best part about this server is the ability to battle and catch Pokemon. You can become the next Pokemon master, but make sure you check out the terrain and the available gym leaders that are available to fight.


Are you looking for freedom on the seven seas? PirateCraft is a server that lets you live the pirate life. You can build and customize your own cannons and ships to travel the globe. Those cannons don't serve as decoration. Be careful on your adventures. You can also form pirate crews and make your own pirate grog. For those who want to play standard survival, creative building or a PvP game with mini-games, there are multiple maps available.


A world that was based on Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire is a must-see. The full-sized Westeros recreation required over 1.5 billion blocks to be placed in more than 7.5 miles of virtual space. Winterfell and King's Landing are all available to visit. All are welcome to WesterosCraft, whether you're just looking or interested in building. You never know, this magical world might even make you forget all about season 8.


Are you looking for another magical place to visit? Potterworld allows you to explore locations that look just like the ones in your favorite fantasy books and movies. It will take you a few moments to figure out the Minecraft flair that each location name has, such as Hogsworth or Hogsend. Potterworld offers a variety of mini-games that you can play with your favorite Minecraft Potter-heads. These include Spell Wars and Quabbleball as well as Melting Floor and Hide and Seek. The website has a calendar that helps you keep track of the virtual events.

Extreme Craft

Extreme Craft is a great place to start if you aren't sure which server you want to join. This Minecraft server is a popular choice, offering a variety of game modes to suit all players. You can play survival, hunger, factions and skygrid. You can also join the game as a creative player, and start creating your next creation.

The Mining Dead

Many of us felt that The Walking Dead was over when one character (whose identity will not be revealed) was killed off. The Mining Dead is a great place to visit for those who are still ensconced in a world populated by zombies. The map is based on the apocalypse gameplay mode. You can start with a basic survival kit to help you survive. Remember that one bite can be fatal and that the undead will not be your only concern if you join the PvP servers.


Are you missing RuneScape's world? Minescape allows you to recreate your childhood favorite game. Minecraft's RuneScape replica allows gamers to experience the fantasy world and meet other gamers. There are five worlds to explore, with a creative world for you and your fellow players. You don't need Java to play the game, unlike in the past. This is a win for everyone who uses computers.