Armored Zombies Can Steal Our Stuff?

OK, we were really excited to find zombies (and by extent, some skeletons) wearing armour and carrying tools to attack us. It adds an extra challenge to a game, and in some way, they replace the PvP aspect you’d have in multiplayer, but then in singleplayer. By that logic, it would only be fair if they’d drop everything they’re holding the moment you kill them, just like a regular player would.

Here are some ideas that we had:

  • The deeper into a cave, the more armed/stronger the mobs become.
  • Stronger mobs that take a challenge to kill, with a decent drop as a reward.
  • The armour on Zombies should be in decay as well. Part of the armour, you will break while killing them, the other pieces have a low “life span” left.
  • Why full armour? Why not a cap for one zombie, pants on another, i.e. a more realistic “I found something and am wearing it”, rather than “I just happened to find full golden armour just a while back”.
  • A toggle on/off option for drop loot on mobs. Some people want the reward, others the challenge.
  • An in-between option where spawned loot is sometimes dropped, while loot picked up when the player dies and drops his armour/tools, should be returned upon killing the zombie 100% of the time.
  • Zombies replace “players”. They should behave